Let us work together to take your
creative business ideas from concept to completion.

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Richard Chinchilla is designer, illustrator,
and creative-doer of things.

With a fascination for impactful visuals,
a cleverly thought out heartfelt message and a clean
minimalist design, I approach every project as if it
where one of my own. These projects are after all,
a reflection of my passion and dedication for my work.


Thats me! As head of your creative team I bring together all relevant elements to form a unified vision which best represents your message. Take a look at an example.

From logo to brand id. From sketch to final render. From concept to completion. Print to digital. We’re only limited by bad ideas. Here is a good one.

It’s impossible to grow as business without having some sort of web presence beyond social media. The solution: a combination of CMS knowledge, SEO optimization, HTML/CSS and all the digital design you need to bring your ideas to fruition.

This is one of my personal passions. My personal font collection grows steadily every year and I thoroughly enjoy helping fellow designers and various clients create their own personal typeface for professional use. Got an idea for a new glyph that you’re eager to add to your portfolio? Let’s collaborate.

Fine art and illustration makeup the backbone of my design career. I especially enjoy illustrating portraits of strangers with various types of media. You can see some of my work on display at SketchyMiami where the local art community has taken upon itself to sketch every single resident of Miami. An ambitious task to say the least but we’re getting there one face at a time. Check out the Sktchy app and join the fun.


This very small and humble bunch are responsible for some of the stuff you see here. But mostly, it’s that guy in the middle.


We partner with our clients to understand their individual needs and
elevate the value of their brands through thoughtfully designed experiences.